Frequently Asked Questions © Etex Ltd.  2010. Electro-Gun is a registered trademark of Etex Ltd. Made with Xara by Mike Fortuna; Etex Ltd. Following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see the answers you are looking for contact us through the CONTACT page, and we will provide the answers to your questions. How can I tell if the Electro-Gun is right for my house? Only a licensed inspector who has been trained and certified by Etex Ltd. on the proper use of the Electro-Gun can make that determination or recommendation. The same is true for all other "alternative" treatment methods, since they too all have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Beware the inspector who quickly dismisses nonchemical alternatives or won't discuss the subject with you. Only in cases where an infestation is widespread or inaccessible should an inspector offer you only the option of fumigation. Always ask if the inspector's company uses nonchemical alternatives, if the answer is "NO", find out why. If you are told, "They don't work", don't believe it. There are many pest control companies to choose from and those that offer alternatives are striving to meet their customer's needs. Can my whole house be treated with the Electro-Gun? The Electro-Gun is not recommended as a "whole house" treatment method for extensive or generalized infestations. The Electro-Gun is intended for treatment of localized infestations. Several localized infestations can be successfully treated in the same house using the Electro-Gun. Combining the Electro-Gun with other alternatives, including mild borates, can greatly expand its utility. If the infestations are extensive, or if they are in completely inaccessible areas, other methods may be required. The KEY to protecting your home from extensive termite damage is regular checkups for early detection and treatment. Will the Electro-Gun kill all the termites? In most cases, yes! In proper applications the Electro-Gun, even when used by itself, will kill from 98% to 100% of the termites that are exposed to its current within 4 weeks of treatment, as confirmed by recent testing. Most operators offer a warranty on their work, so if termites do persist, you are not charged for a retreatment. We highly recommend contracts that include yearly inspections. Early detection and preventive treatments can save you substantially in the long run. If you kill all the termites now, are my termite problems solved forever? Probably not, unless further precautions are taken. Termites swarm annually looking for a place to live. If your home was treated successfully and all the termites were killed, but you still leave their tunnels behind uncovered, the tunnels will serve as vacant "condos" for new swarms. To help reduce the possibility of reinfestations you should consider a borate or other residual treatment. Spraying all unfinished exposed wood and injecting into the tunnels and galleries makes these areas unattractive to termites. Also you should consider caulking around all windows, removing all wood and debris under or next to your house, keeping your exterior wood properly painted, as well as placing a very tight meshed screen wire on all attic and subarea air vents. Most warranties cover one to two years. Beyond that the best course is regular maintenance and an annual inspection so that if a re-infestation does occur it can be treated early while still a localized infestation, thus keeping your cost down. Will the Electro-Gun damage my house or wiring? NO. Household and telephone wiring is unaffected, however, electrical devices which may have sensitive circuits, such as the telephone itself, TVs, stereos, alarm systems and the like must be disconnected to avoid damaging their sensitive circuits. These items will be listed in the Customer Preparation Guide given to you by the inspector when the Electro-Gun is going to be used in your home or building. Prior to treatment, the technician should do a "walk thru" to assure all identifiable electronic items are safely disconnected. In some cases, very small holes (1/8") may be drilled during treatment to allow access to difficult to treat areas or for injection of the borate or other residual to prevent reinfestation. In addition, in spite of the high voltage, the low current and high frequency of the current provides not only safety for people in the area, but also does not allow for significant temperature increases even in the areas treated. Refer to the Info for the Homeowner for more details. 90,000 volts sounds awfully high, are you sure its safe? Yes! Current is the dangerous part of electricity not voltage. The Electro-Gun operates at every low current. In addition, the high frequency (60,000 Hz) of the system creates what is known as "skin effect" (documented by Pender & Delmar, 1956) which means that if the current flow is accidentally encountered, the electricity will dissipate out and around the skin, finding its way to ground without penetrating body tissue or adversely affecting the nervous system. The person experiencing this will certainly feel a "jolt", but no serious damage will be done. This same phenomenon does not apply to the termites though because their bodies are too small; without the benefit of the "skin effect" the current is lethal to them. Is there any harmful radiation from the Electro-Gun? No! The Electro-Gun operates only on the principal of the flow of electricity from the wall socket, through circuits in the equipment, through the termites and then to ground. Being in the vicinity while the equipment is operating is no different than being near your refrigerator or electric stove while it is running. Can we stay in the house while Electro-Gun treatment is being done? Yes, but we don't recommend it … its boring. All your toys such as TV, radios, stereo, computer and telephone will be disconnected. Go shopping with some of the money you are saving. If you do stay home, the technician probably won't allow you in the immediate work area because of insurance requirements. How long does treatment with the Electro-Gun take? It depends greatly on the extent of the infestation, whether augmentation with another method is required, whether you are having only a spot treatment or a whole structure warranty treatment. However, in most cases, the treatment can be done in one day. Your inspector can give you a reasonable estimate after seeing and evaluating the problem and formulating the treatment plan. How much electricity does this equipment use? The Electro-Gun treatment system uses about the same amount as a 60 watt light bulb. © Etex-Ltd. 2010. Electro-Gun in a registered trade mark of Etex Ltd.