Home of the Electro Gun Termite Control System Made with Xara by Mike Fortuna; Etex Ltd. Etex Ltd. was founded in  1979,,, well before most  companies were looking to  “go green” or limit chemical  usage in and around  homes. The Electo-Gun was the first  device to be registered with the  Californnia Deparment of Pest  Regulations (DPR).  About our Company You will find information here concerning the  basics of how the Electro-Gun kills termites,  what you need to do to prepare for a  treatment in your home, and the advantages  of non, or limited, chemical use.  The weight of all the termites on earth would be greater than the weight of all the humans? There are over 2,000 different species of termites? Global methane emission from termites is estimated to be about 20 million tonnes each year. More than from all the cows put together! In the US, termites strike five times as many homes as fire. They cause more economic damage annually than all the tornados, hurricanes, and windstorms, combined !!!      Etex Ltd was approved and  has been a proud member of  Green America since 1998.  We, and the companies  offering the Electro-Gun,  were Green before being  green was popular!  Green America Approved ETEX LTD. WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS: HPCA - HAWAII PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION GPCA - GEORGIA PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION CPCO - CERTIFIED PEST CONTROL OPERATORS OF GEORGIA FPMA - FLORIDA PEST MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION CPOC - CERTIFIED PEST CONTOL OPERATORS OF FLORIDA PCOC - PEST CONTROL OPERATORS OF CALIFORNIA TPCA - TEXAS PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION NPMA - NATIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION © Etex-Ltd. 2010. Electro-Gun in a registered trade mark of Etex Ltd.
We kill with electricity NOT chemicals! Did You Know? EPA ESTABLISHMENT # 55850