Our Staff © Etex Ltd.  2010. Electro-Gun is a registered trademark of Etex Ltd.   Made with Xara by Mike Fortuna; Etex Ltd. Sharon Louise is your "go-to" gal for any questions regarding credit, billing or balance issues. She works with the accounts personnel at our customer's offices to ensure that accounts are maintained according to contract in order to ensure a smooth accounting process. Sharon also sets up and coordinates all the necessary facets of new customer profiles, as well as maintaining communications and file documentation. She overseas the inventory and distribution of Etex publications, such as The Home Owner Guide to the Electro-Gun Treatment System, The Structural Integrity Test Report, the CSIRO Efficacy Test Report and others. She has been with the company since 2000 and is, therefore, thoroughly familiar and oriented to the customers' needs. Over the years Sharon has provided valuable input regarding streamlining procedures and office efficiency together with ideas and suggestions for more user-friendly systems and has made herself a valuable member of the Etex core team. Sharon Louise, Accounts Manager Ron Tomcek, International Liaison Ron Tomcek has been involved with Etex Ltd. since early 1990. He is a retired U.S. Navy Master Chief, with an electronic, repair and teaching background. In addition, he has 38 years experience in the Real Estate industry in sales, inspections and management. His rich and varied background, together with his education and experience, gelled with the needs of Etex. Early on in 1990, after being asked by a hotelier in the Caribbean on how to go about treating his termite infestations using the Electro-Gun, as described in a magazine advertisement he had found, Ron contacted Etex about the equipment. Understanding the product's components and principals of operation, Ron was able to help control this termite infestation using the Electro-Gun Treatment System. He subsequently tackled an advanced powder-post beetle infestation in a nearby, exclusive, up-scale resort property. Over the years, Ron has seen many infestations in various countries that certainly could have used a pest control operator partnered up with the Electro-Gun Treatment System. Ron is a true world traveler and has been to Central and South America, Mexico, Panama and the Canal Zone, the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Tahitian Islands, Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia and too many more countries to list here. He has been a direct liaison for Etex in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Trinidad, Tahiti and Portugal and, during his travels, is constantly pursuing the possibilities in other countries. His previous electronic training coupled with his Real Estate industry experience and his association with Etex and the Electro-Gun provides a solid base for him to explain to pest management companies in various countries the value of the equipment as a pest control tool. © Etex-Ltd. 2010. Electro-Gun in a registered trade mark of Etex Ltd.