Our Staff © Etex Ltd.  2010. Electro-Gun is a registered trademark of Etex Ltd.   Made with Xara by Mike Fortuna; Etex Ltd. Susan has been with Etex Ltd since early 1988, originally as General Manager. When her father, D.J.Bondy, then President, became ill in 1991, she took over the leadership of the company. She brought with her experience and knowledge in such industries as home mortgaging and financing; grocery/food chain development; plastic, metal and wood fabricating for the auto industry as well as her experience in woolen mill production and assisting at a Chartered Accountant-s firm during her years spent in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, Scotland. Early on at Etex, she was honored to work with the original inventor of the Electro- Gun Treatment System, who educated her in everything from it's original concept, experimentation, prototypes, working model and ultimately into the professional pest management industry. In her words, "I am proud to be involved in a company that supplies a green, IPM, solution to the traditional termite treatments that are on the market. Our ongoing research, development and refinement of the Electro-Gun keeps it on the leading edge and at the forefront of the chemical-alternative termite treatment systems available. This was definitely a product ahead of it's time, however, continual pressure from environmental groups, the GREEN movement, and added restrictions and regulations limiting chemicals and their usage with no end in sight, and the Electro-Gun Treatment System fits into a pest management firm's array of tools as a viable alternative that can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination of other methods. The Electro-Gun has become a product that consumers actually ask for by name, so our level of commitment to maintain our high standards and quality product remains constant. We will continue to expand and grow our market so that more consumers, if their need or preference is for little to no chemical usage, will be afforded the opportunity of a non-chemical termite treatment system. We plan to fill that need through the professional pest management companies. We are here to stay." Susan Bondy Fortuna - President © Etex-Ltd. 2010. Electro-Gun in a registered trade mark of Etex Ltd.